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Goldmine Sierra

This life is like a mountain road. You have a goal, you want to reach the summit, and you can see it from below.

The path is long and winding, but you are determined and you can cope with the issues that appear on your way. You are biker!

But once you start riding, you realise things are harder than you thought. Keep going man, despite the weather or the problems that slow you down. Just keep riding.

Because when you have a goal there’s the will to succeed. However; succeeding is not an easy task at all. Only the brave might win. Only the strong will never stop fighting.

At the very top of Goldmine Sierra there’s your reward awaiting. Nothing is stronger than human will. We will fight our battles alone or in company, but we will definitely make them F+E+A+R us!

Riding is a way of life. A philosophy. It’s our nature. It’s our fate. We are bound to die living the way we want to live our lives. So we are badass people. Strong women and men on two wheels.

You can make it! you only have to stand. Stand like you were made of stone!

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