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If you are the most valuable part of your motorcycle, protect yourself!


Get professional tecniques to get exceptional results

Once you take a riding course, you see your bike in a very different way

There are lots of different riding courses, for the road, the dirt, the track… and it is up to you to choose the one that best fits your needs or do them all, but investing some money in this is actually a garantee for your own security

I usually cooperate On Off Road Adventure so I can be surrounded by motorcycles and riders and I always learn something new on the way. I already had my education back in the day, and supporting them now is a very cool experience

The video you just saw shows one of these courses, Off Road for starters riding big adventure bikes. Everybody was new to the dirt and they ended up jumping their bikes on the same day. They couldn’t believe how easily they achieved this after the course!

And I must say that Off Road training is my favourite, because it is by far the most complete formation you can get. No wonder why Moto GP riders perform so much motocross training. Dirt riding involves all riding tecniques

Trust your Motorcycle

There were many times in which I was about to get a hell of a crash, totally uncontrolling over my Yamaha… and she took me out of the trouble

Motorbikes are the ones who really roll, not us. Especially on the dirt, our main goal is to get ourselves on the bike and give her some basic instructions only. Ride with confidence, if not because of you, because of your bike

In most situations the only solution is to stand, balance weight properly and open the throttle. You will get surprised when you learn how your bike can get you out of the most expected bumps and troubles

Protect Yourself

Your bike is tough, your body not so much. So always wear protective clothing. On Off Road conditions, you might not get so much trouble from abrasion as speed tend to be not as high as on the roads, but still highly recommended

Impact protection is a must. It is very normal to fall every now and then when riding the dirt. A simple unlevelled surface can make you fall down as your foot does not reach the ground as you’d expect. The difference between a laugh and hospital is usually your apparel

I combine my Protective Hoo+Die with motocross body armour. Freedom of move is great, it is still light and you would be wearing breathable clothing which gives a decent isolation at winter times

Most riders wear a hoodie once they’re off the bike, doesn’t it make more sense like this? When you stop for a sandwich you won’t look like a dirt rider lying on the floor, but a rider at rest

Be Fit

Off Road involves a lot of body strength, and it is not until you first try that you realize how tiring it can really be. That’s why it is always important to be fit and get some regular training

Just by riding off road would get you in shape, but you should go jogging or workout at the gym normally before getting on your bike

You don’t have to be an atlethe (but of course it is better if you are) but to be in the best physical condition possible in order to increase your stamina, strength, flexibility and agility. Believe me, you are going to need it

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how strong you are, you will always end up as if you run a marathon after a session of off road riding

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