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Merry Fucking Khristmas!

It’s this time of the year again. Time to spend with the family and even biker gangs gather together for a meal and getting drunk, of course.

It’s also a time for new resolutions. A brand new year is on its way, and I know everybody is planning on quit on smoking, cheating on their wives or joining a gym.

Well, I don’t want to be discourteous, but your wives might not be planning on stop cheating on their husbands, cigarettes companies will still advertise secretly in F1 races, and gyms will be too crowded in January. But with proper attitude, everyone can achieve new year’s goals.

In MotoBoar there is a rush preparing for a new collection this new year, they want to present new shit soon and that makes them feel irritable and off the bike, which totally pisses them off. Fuck Office Work!

…and in the middle of all this, there’s something I wonder. Do people ride in Khristmas time?

  • Khristmas is a great riding season because your usual riding roads can be pretty solitary
  • Nobody expects riders in harsh winter conditions, so is a nice hide
  • Riding in bad weather is way more fun, adventurous and will improve your riding skills as long as you don’t break your neck
  • You can get away from family meetings that break your balls, but you might not get away with your spouse

So I am about to put on my leathers and helmet and ride around the block. You mortals can keep doing your errands ignoring the fact that you will die sooner than later and remember that resurrection is not granted to everyone.

I suppose the MotoBoar team wishes to wish you a Merry Fucking Khristmas, and so do I together with my birthday.

Have fun during the holiday and remember that postponed sex is lost sex, and the same goes with the ride.


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