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Livin’ Free!

Back to the origins or be a living dead

A lot of people are living dead, they get up, they have breakfast, they drive to work, they pay bills, they buy flowers for the spouse and come back home pretending they’re living the life they’ve chosen.

You decided to get on a motorcycle in order to prevent the total alienation of society, and if you’ve done so, you’re doing well.

We might be living exactly the same lives, but we have a way out on two wheels.

When it is time to pull the throttle and disappear, never choose any road other that the one which represents the origins. Come back to pure riding.

Even if it’s only a short Sunday ride, make sure you do it your way and have all the fun you expected.

Ride alone. This way you can concentrate on the road, the bike and the horizon only. Some days are for races, other for introspection.

Nothing cures a biker’s heart better than a solitary road

So there was me going to nowhere, as usual. It was sunny winter day, the type of days we normally get in Southern Europe. Colder than what the images show, but plenty of sunshine.

And despite the occasional encounter with some other bikers or cars, it was basically the immense landscapes and me. A conversation with the horizon.

A fucking pain in the ass to be mourning here and there… but it was just a glimpse of a ride and the good vibes are back again!

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