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MK / Motorcycle Klan

MC Stands for a way of life, a brotherhood or sisterhood. MK stands for Klan and that’s how I like to call what me and my friends do

Nobody really knows the reason why some places become The Place. A road bar or a parking lot where everybody meets. A Motorcycle Chapel.

Even if you have a solid little group of fellow riders or you’re a lonewolf, you’ll stop there from time to time. A coffee surrounded by motorcycles is always warming.

The video presented today is about one of those stops. A meeting point for sport bikes mainly where all rides are welcome. El Madroño, on the way to Ronda is the place to go.

You can flow with the landscape and get a pleasant ride or push harder and work out some extreme cornering. So good! All the way up or down the road is full of traffic, of which 60% of them are motorcycles at weekends.

As most people live by the coastline, the road which connects San Pedro with Seville, Antequera and all the white town enriched mountain ranges, all types of riders go through it on a typical riding day.

All the cool routes start or end there if you live in Costa del Sol. A road each rider in the world should be willing to ride at least once in a lifetime. But don’t get things wrong, it is not a race track, even though it could be.

The number of casualties this road has taken is actually a very high toll. The road may seem appealing for speed, but traffic and guardrails make it lethal. Flowers and crosses are found along the way, showing the many whose lives were lost there.

All my respects for fallen brothers.

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