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My Heart Revs!

It might be a cliché, but people who love motorbikes feel it in their hearts

The skin is that thin layer that separates us from the outer world. It is the biggest organ we have and the most sexual one, but also one of the most delicate. It can be torn, broken, cut… and so the juice of life would flow freely outside of our hearts.

We are mortal souls after all, with great expectations and we do not have too clear which is our place in the universe. We are molecules, simple particles compared to the immense cosmos around us.

Men didn’t invent anything, we simply copied nature. We learnt how to tame horses, to make them not fear us, and then we rode them… and we learnt the freedom that came with it. Just like Narcissus, we became in love with the idea. We simply wanted to show we were better, prettier, faster, stronger… everything we are not.

But men has the great risk of getting addicted to sensations, getting totally hooked. There’s no gasoline in our veins, there’s not a pumping engine instead of our hearts, and despite being a biological machine, we are simply attached to two-wheeled machines as much as one can be.

The sound of the engine really relaxes me, nothing more magical than a motorcycle at idle, still cold, sounding inside your garage while you are putting on your gear. You know it can take you to magic places, bathed by liquid water, and by an infinite sky of blue.

We are too small to get worried about leaving a great masterpiece behind us, we’re way too insignificant to leave a mark on this small blue dot suspended in the cosmos. We’re simply a glimpse and the only thing we can do is live our lives as if they had a meaning.

Love, Fuck, Drink, Sleep, Eat Shit and Ride… all that before you disappear.

And that’s the way it’s going to be for the rest of humanity, and we can be thankful that we ourselves invented such funny devices and are able to roam the world riding them. Something uniquely perfect.

We can take advantage of that and get ourselves better in terms of mobility and possibility. We also put us in a bigger threat, but danger is in our genes, it’s in our blood.

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