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Off bike feelings

Meanwhile I dream a lot. Often I dream of riding over the hard red floor of a great forest, beneath a high canopy of translucent green, spreading on and on. An enchanted forest, perhaps, where men may still sometimes play at being gods.

Jupiter’s Travels, Ted Simon

Ted Simon’s masterpiece Jupiter’s Travels is a book with a very sad ending. Even though Ted managed to exceed his expectations about the trip, it ended getting off the bike. It ended in the perpetual dream of the biker who can only think of riding while not riding.

This is because we do not think when we are on the bike. We simply flow.

Problems come when we are on foot. If you’re doing something special then it’s okay. If you’re struggling on bad weather conditions you just keep going. As a pedestrian the constant mental chatter is like a hammer hitting your guts.

So what do you long for? The race track? The off road? The rally? I do for a long haul. Life gets so confusing sometimes even tears come out of our hearts. I will never forget where I’ve been, I just need new goals. New trips.

When adventure is in your genes you cannot deny it. It’d simply be denying your own nature. It’d simply be dying in life. A comfortable couch with your pet lying on it and the security of a warm and welcoming home sounds terrifying when one is not complete. When one is feeling broken inside.

It feels life is always better from inside a helmet, along an unknown road. Death might be waiting just round the corner. Better that than dying comfortably numb.

So why the hell don’t you just gear up and ride?

See you on the Roads!

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