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Riders are People

Cinema, pop culture, television, grannies… almost everyone has a certain stereotype of what a biker must be

Don’t you find it a bit boring? You must have a Harleyyou ride? you probably like speed… or the amazing you don’t look like a biker.

Motorcycle riders are nice, motorcycle riders dangerous, motorcycle riders are sexy…

Motorcycle Riders are people

…and presuming there’s a cliche that can get all motorcycle riders in one single sack is pretty much to presume. Society tends to put things in boxes, so they know where they are and what to expect.

But that’s a bit simplistic formula to have us all in a catalogue. We are not items on a shelf. We are people. We have our own expectations and dreams and we do not want to be put in a role we haven’t asked for.

Can you see similarities between bikers? Of course you can, but if you knew us a bit better, you’d also find the million differences that make each one of us unique.

We feel like that’s forgotten a bit too often…

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