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The Death Toll

Motorcycles are dangerous!

I am pretty sure you’ve heard that a million times if you’ve been riding for long enough. If you haven’t, just wait… and don’t kill yourself on your way.

Motorcycles are not dangerous, they can be fatal when crashed, but not dangerous by definition. Don’t you get things wrong.

We all know you can easily kill yourself, and many of us have been through painful funerals and have paid hospital visits. We know what we are talking about. We have crashed and taken the consequences ourselves too.

We don’t need to be warned of something we truly know as it is part of our lives.

But a motorcycle is an agile vehicle, fast enough to avoid most road accidents better than any other vehicles. If ridden properly we can accelerate and brake far better than most road users.

Security is a must for us bikers. We are very conscious of the deadly weapon between our legs when we are riding. We know the consequences and we still go for it.

It is not your fucking business!

So don’t come tell me that I am going to kill myself. As if I were going to live forever without riding. Better a few years full of life, than a life full of dull years.

We have developed protective stuff in order to help minimise the consequences of an accident. I know many rides are just round the corner and we do not want to wear full gear.

But nothing can protect you from living a plentiful life!

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