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The Road to Freedom

Livin’ the Rat Race?

There’s always a better way out, there’s always a nicer way to get it through… Simply Ride

I don’t know how many times I’ve wished to be somewhere else, somewhere different. Countless hours at the office or simply wasting your precious time in the supermarket.

We all have to get our errands done, most daily chores are incredibly important, but I know you’d wish to be somewhere else. For some it can be a beer with friends at the local pub or reading comfortably at home.

For me is riding a motorcycle under the sky in any of the wonderful roads we can find in this wonderful world.

With this video of a new YouTube series ‘The Road’ we explored the limits of freedom by showing how a sophisticated and busy society is not different from a flock of sheep.

The constant huzzle at stressing pace is a constant in today’s world. A reality most of us struggle to escape from, but there’s always a way out of this jail without bars we all live in.

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