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The sexy element

Are motorcycles sexy? Do you ride so you can pull?
These are questions that have twisted people’s minds for decades…
You can now find the MotoBoar answers to these and other questions by our experts

The answer is that motorcycles are sexy. But, unless you are a real biker, do not buy a motorcycle just to pretend. Motorcycles are for big boys and girls. It’s not a game. It’s not for idiots.

I guess fake bikers can get an electric scooter and try… but that’s no sexy!

What’s real sexy is not to care whether you’re sexy or not
Only if you’re sure of yourself you can attract others
Do not ride in order to pull…

Respect the rules of the world. It’s like joining a band so you can get laid. Come one man! We don’t live in the Pleistocene! Sexy and attractive is to be different. And I do not know anyone in this world who can make a better you. So that’s it. Be yourself.

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