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Wheels of Fire!

Legends think that bikers always gather in gangs and are dangerous guys

Nothing further from the real truth. Those archetypes exist, but 99%ers are totally a different thing. Fro the 1%ers, my deepest respect. I think they’ve been misjudged by society due to other reasons, but that’s another story.

A biker, by definition, is someone who lives life to the full. Simply that…

Although I’m mostly a solo rider, I also enjoy riding with friends. You get to meet a lot of people riding their bikes on the cafés along the mountain routes, and all I can see is the best brotherhood and sisterhood in the world.

People are nice, they V you with their two fingers when you encounter them on the roads and we help each other like nobody else would ever help another biker. So fuck society. We’re fine together.

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See you on the road brothers and sisters!

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