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Xmas Beach

I don’t know where you live, but in my paradise you can easily get this weather on Christmas Day!

The Southernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula is the same place where the Atlantic Ocean touches the Mediterranean sea. A wonderful playground full of great roads between mountains and sunny beaches.

A solo ride can become a breathtaking experience, no matter how many times I’ve ridden these landscapes, they would never stop to amaze me. Impressive cliffs, bushy forests, sandy and rocky beaches bathed by pristine waters and beauty everywhere.

More riders know now this neck of the woods is one of the best rides on Earth. Controlled by three nations, the Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park is a complete paradise.

Surfers Paradise

The Strait is one of the best known spots for surfing in Europe. Nude friendly beaches, beautiful people, a hippy lifestyle and great conditions make it a wonderful destination for travellers.

Political Situation

The strait of Gibraltar is controlled by three nations. Morocco, Spain and England own land here. The area has always been one of the most cosmopolitan places in history.

Changing Weather

But don’t you think the weather is always good here. These lands are threaten by heat waves, storms, strong gales, heavy rain and icy cold weather. It’s a place full of contrasts.


You can enjoy all sorts of vegetation and fauna here. During the ride I was lucky enough to record the Iberian Ibex, but underwater, in the sky or inland you can find a thriving ecosystem with species such as vultures, orcas, homo sapiens, the only European wild monkeys (only in Gibraltar) and my beloved Wild Boar.

Riding Gear

I was never wearing the right clothes when on the bike. Too hot for leather, too cold for cotton, not too protective, or maybe too much. Even when the tough gets going you can feel discomfort when you stop at the café for a rest.

The main problem is not the weather, but how changeable it is due to atmospheric conditions, the ocean wind or the altitude, which changes dramatically from mountain summits to the coast.

The products listed below were my humble solution to these matters. I normally wear leather, and my old rocker Jacket can easily be removed and tied to the rear of the bike when it gets hot, but my protection always stays on.

Take off the leather, but not the protective stuff… that was what a Boar once told me, and the beginning of customising my own apparel.

See you on the Road!

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