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Fuck CoronaVirus (by Z-K)

Governments, religions and rulers in general have always used fear as a psicologycal weapon to control the masses

Even our parents get the fear in us by daily threatening with statements such as ‘you’re going to hurt yourself’ or ‘I’ll kick the shit out of you’. Anyway, a scary and weak individual is easier to be puppeted.

As bikers we do know a lot about this crap. You will crash and fail and die and have an accident… as if those who don’t ride were not going to die!

And we now have the Corona Virus crisis, a virus that came from who knows where and that is threatening the entire planet even though mortality is lower than the common flu. I just don’t get it.

I can think of a hidden war between phamaceuticals and governments or it might just be that planet Earth is finally using its own defences agains the Cancer that humankind mean to this beautiful rock.

Anyway, I don’t give a damn and I am about to ride my motorcycle. My helmet is my mask. My uniform is my leather jacket. My balls are my flag.

See you on the Road!

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