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Grand Opening

It’s just a matter of days to get our online store fully operational. Our products will be tested in the difficult market out there, and we are not afraid

Moto Lovin’ People

I like to compare MotoBoar project as a riding experience. When you start the bike, you don’t really know where you’re going or how are you going to get there… but somehow we manage to make it to the end

Grand Opening

MotoBoar has been trading for some time already, but mostly selling to friends and fabricating for ourselves, but we are now up to the grand opening of our online store, which is a moment that will mark a new beginning for the project. The presentation to the world and the difficult test of our clothing being tested on the roads.

We are ready!

September 15th 2018 it’s our online store opening

Philosophy behind the Boar

We believe in riding motorbikes as a way of life, therefore our clothing must represent exactly that, the possibility of riding in any circumstances feeling comfortable and protected. The task was huge!

And for different kinds of riders we can offer different types of designs, but we are not changing our quality or we will never sacrifice protection for anything else.

The Hoo+Die

We actually have dozens of designs taking shape in our laboratory, but creating a Hoo+Die like this was the origin and I reckon it’ll be the most well known piece of clothing of our brand

Creating another technical motorcycle jacket was not in MotoBoar’s mind at the beginning. Time will come and we will develop our next pieces, but for now we want to issue the ultimate piece of clothing.

The Hoo+Die is simply a hoodie from the outside, which contains the most advanced technology in the inside. Once you unzip one and see its interior, it will remind you of a motorcycle jacket with full protection.

But the outside of a Hoo+Die is incredibly simple, there’s nothing that shows you are wearing body armour or anti abrasion fabric. You just be yourself

Testing Apparel

There’s a compromise declared by MotoBoar in which everything we sell must have at least 5K-Miles of real riding. We’re not talking about closed track conditions, we mean ridden on the roads and streets in which our clients will ride them.

It’s not too hard to create something protective with nowadays technology. But creating something that appeals riders is a bit more difficult. We first need to know what a rider needs. The whole philosophy behind MotoBoar is going to be in our original series 5K-MILES, in which you’ll see how those tests are being done.

So our founder and CEO Paco Naranjo is currently testing the apparel in real conditions. There are many more videos to come! So keep tuned to our YouTube Channel.

The Casual Catalogue

After all the technology and machinery we had to acquire in order to start this project, issuing a casual line of clothing was easy and demanded, so we simply  took our designs to a new and unexpected level. You can now get your Tee-Shirt or Hoo+Die for daily life or combine them with our technical clothing.

Future Projects

It’s not a secret we are developing a flannel shirt including exactly the same technology as the Hoo+Die that will be called the Woodsman Protective. It’s going to be a while before we launch it, but we will never stop reinventing the brand and reinventing ourselves.

But the possibilities are endless really, not just a shirt, but pants, jackets and who knows what. Most of MotoBoar’s project are top secret and won’t be disclosed to anyone outside the brand until launched

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