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Helmet on the Ground

It might mean that I’m getting older, but I think I’m becoming more superstitious with the years… and there’s a whole fucking bunch of idiots things to do out there in the motorcycle world

It must have been around ten in the morning, and like most days I was commuting to work on the bike. The motorway has heavy traffic during Summer and a ride-it-like-you-stole-it shit is not a good idea. One of those big ugly scooters overtook me way too fast. Goddamn Speed! She’s a powerful bitch

Soon after that I heard a crash, a body rolling over the floor and pain. Luckily there were no casualties, but I can assure you it was scary as fucking hell. Once again a helmet on the ground…

Leaving a helmet on the ground is marking the spot of the disaster. When a biker has fallen down someone has to mark the place to prevent other motorists. That’s why not many bikers would be happy to leave their helmets on the ground.

Despite hygienic reasons, leaving a helmet on the ground is like buying a coffin for someone who’s not dead yet

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