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Riding when the weather is really cold

Don’t you just hate riding in real cold weather?

I’m sure you do, but lack of riding is even more painful, right?

You are a badass biker, and we both know badass bikers ride in any weather conditions. But that doesn’t mean we really enjoy that shit.

The fact that you can face the toughest weather conditions makes you a hero, but the human body has certain limitations and there’s no need to die when riding so we must rely on winter motorcycle clothing.

The more clothes you need, the less comfort you’ll have. It’s not such a big deal to understand, nothing better than being naked, but temperature also has a role here.

5 drawbacks when you are wearing winter motorcycle clothing

  1. It is heavy

  2. It is not flexible

  3. It is expensive

  4. It is not the one you’d choose

  5. it is ugly

The photograph below is Old Skull Rider in quite unpleasant weather conditions. It was a really thick fog, it was cold as hell, and tyre grip was crap. Regarding clothing, there’s a hidden Protective Hoo+Die below the leather.

When God created California, he surely had a look at the Mediterranean firstly

If you live in an area in which weather can dramatically change -especially if you’re riding long distances, you can surely benefit from this.

When the Hoo+Die was designed, cold or wet weather conditions were an issue. It is designed to protect you as much as a cordura jacket, but it is way more comfortable.

When ridden in hot weather conditions it also helps and keeps you fresher than  most motorcycle apparel.

It’s still hot, as you wouldn’t change that even if you go naked… but what about winter!

The solution is way simpler and much better than you may think.

Combine your Protective Hoo+Die with your own leathers

Wear your Protective Hoo+Die with full body armour and Kevlar® linen for the ride, and your casual coat or your leather jacket on top and that would be it.

The Hoo+Dies were always about that, you wear them on top of your Tee, and you add some more coating on top if the weather requests so.

When that is done, the weather isolation achieved is surely better than your usual winter clothing.

You don’t see the Hoo+Die, but it is worn below the leather in real bad weather conditions

The above video was going to be shot in good weather conditions, but shit happens and the day of the shooting it was really cold and rainy all over the way, so the Old Skull Rider had to wear some leathers on top of the Hoo+Die in order to be warm and dry.

There was an epiphany in that very moment… don’t you know what an epiphany is? Well something that grabs you by the balls and completely change your thoughts about life or whatever.

Riding a Protective Hoo+Die in winter was a great discovery, I now know I can use it all the year round

Old Skull Rider


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