English, Reflections

The Chase

What to chase when you don’t know what it looks like?

People out there seem to be worrying about something at all times. I guess it’s something that happens just because you are human and you get worried.

As Ted Simon puts it in his Jupiter Travels, people are not willing to leave their normal lives. However; they keep telling themselves if I could… if I went… if I did

What are you looking for when it comes to your personal life? Some prospects are longing for a full patch, some commuters for a place to settle in, while settled might be looking for a road.

I get it much simpler, food on the table, a ceiling to cover my head and a running motorcycle with a full tank. But we still get it complicated. What else could I ask for? My wife is waiting for me at home…

Humans tend to get a whole in our souls nothing seems to fill. Nothing except a bike… but only if you’re a biker and ride long enough to get cured. Believe me, the answer is in the throttle.

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